What’s it gonna take Strava? C’mon, two days 2nd best in a row?

Trek's OCLV Carbon coffee cup transport. Everybody needs one!
Trek’s OCLV Carbon coffee cup transport. Everybody needs one!

I see my staff at lunch glued to their cell phones and tell them, you control the phone, the phone doesn’t control you. Maybe I should take my own advice and question whether I really need to pay attention to Strava on my ride home from work, when I’m in street clothes. But no, instead I’m thinking Strava needs a “street clothes” option. But I’m not addicted. If I was, would I be stopping for coffee every day I ride, no matter what, or would I be just trying for the fastest Strava time? Oh, now you think I’ve got a coffee issue too, right?

But who wouldn’t be frustrated when yesterday, I tied for my best time on the Strava segment from Tripp Road through Huddart Park’s exit onto Kings… and Strava says it was my second-best. And then, on my ride home heading up Highland, same darned thing. Tied for my best time, and Strava tells me it was second-best.

But I’m not addicted. Not to Strava. Or coffee. I can stop either one at any time. And if you buy a $12,000 bike from me you’ll drop 7 minutes from your Old LaHonda time. I’m on a roll here. What other lies can I pedal? 🙂

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