Cloudy, cool, slightly-damp at times, flat tire, and yet a great morning on a bike!

It really doesn’t add up, especially when you include the car crash we came upon that I didn’t even mention in the title. It’s almost June, not the time of year you’re thinking about it being a bit cold and damp. This is when you shouldn’t have to be looking for leg warmers and base layers!

Yet another classic West Old LaHonda picture
Yet another classic West Old LaHonda picture

So what? If you’re determined to have a great ride, you will. Coming off Sunday’s successful 112 miler to Santa Cruz, I was determined! Determined enough that I pulled off a 27:32 up Kings, fastest time in a very long while, and an indication that maybe I won’t blow up on the big climbs in France this year. Even passed up my son near the top, who was feeling the effects of Sunday’s ride in a bad way, the opposite of the feelings I was experiencing. I proved on Sunday that, if I wanted to push down hard on the pedals and go, I could. Confidence. Something I haven’t had a lot of for a while.

We did have a small amount of drama heading down the west side of 84, coming across the scene of two cars that had collided in a corner. No flares out yet, so we’re coming fast around a corner and then bam, hard on the brakes as we came across 4 or 5 cars stopped.

Fixing JR's flat
Fixing JR’s flat

We intelligently moved forward a few cars, preferring not to be last in line in case a car comes flying down the hill and can’t quite stop in time. Better to have a few cars to provide a barrier for us!

Then JR nailed the infamous pothole on Skyline, the one about half a mile south of Sky Londa, same one I hit on Sunday but with better results. Classic pinch flat for JR today. Overall, we arrived back at the start about 12 minutes past schedule. Not that I would keep track of such things.

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