We’ll do anything to sell a bike!


Our Director of Marketing
Our Director of Marketing

[This goes back to April, 2013, but still a good read –Mike–] Is our marketing going to the dogs? Can’t tell you how many of these bikes we’ve sold the last couple days during our sale, but it’s a lot. One of our neighbors has been tempted, so our dog, Jack, had the idea that the way to get them to “bite” would be through their own dogs. What you see above was dropped on their doorstep tonight. –Mike–

4 thoughts on “We’ll do anything to sell a bike!

  1. I laughed when I saw that. The dogs will enjoy their treats tomorrow, and maybe a nice morning ride will soften my wife’s penny pinching heart. 😉

      1. Walked out to the bike this morning and discovered my first flat tire in forever! Clearly SOMEONE is telling me I should have bought that bike, and I assume it is Jack. The hole I found did look suspiciously tooth shaped…

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