Still not business-as-usual (The Plan wasn’t executed, 40 miles instead of 57)

Well darn, it would really be nice for things to resemble “normal” again. After losing rides from being in DC a week and a half ago, then doing the zombie thing (riding just a couple hours sleep, an interesting experiment that I would prefer to not repeat) on this week’s Tuesday & Thursday-morning rides… let’s just say I was ready for something normal. And normal in this case, was going to be a ride of at least 57 miles, figuring that I might as well match the number of miles to my age on my birthday. I should have known better. Kevin’s still having pretty severe kidney stone issues, so I was fortunate to get 30 miles out of him, basically a reverse of the normal Tuesday/Thursday ride.

It was looking like it wasn’t even going to be close to 30 miles; we’d headed up Old LaHonda, down the back side, back up to Skyline and then down the other side of 84 into Woodside, except that, somehow, I convinced Kevin that we should detour back up to Skyline via Skywood Way after following a too-slow car for a mile down the hill. Skywood Way used to be a through-road to Skyline until maybe 30 years ago when they blocked off the Skyline side. No biggie if you’re on a bike, just 20 feet or so that you have to walk your bike. You can see the details in the Strava report below, and, shortly, in a youtube that I’m uploading.

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