No rain = great riding!

A bit warmer than last Thursday, which was a bit warmer than the Tuesday before, which was a lot warmer than the Thursday before that! I’m not sure of what the average daily minimums are; obviously there is a day of the year with the coldest average temps, with them rising on either side. All I know is that 39 degrees feels pleasant, and 53 up on Skyline? Heavenly! OK, I just looked up the monthly stats, which show an average low temp of 40 during the months of December & January, with a forecast 3 degree rise going into February. Curiously, temps drop off much more rapidly (from September-December) than they rise.

Today we had Todd, Stu (who hasn’t been with us for quite a while), both Kevins, Eric & John. The two Kevins were the only guys in a hurry to get up Kings, posting 26:20 or so, while the rest of us were a few minutes behind. But even the fast guys were content with a relatively-easy pace the rest of the way, not the norm for the Tuesday version of this ride!

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