Last nice ride before winter storms hit?

Last ride before the rain, so decent-sized group (we generally get more riders in the morning when bad weather is moving in later in the day). A large group of younger women rode past before we started out, giving the guys a chance to give Kevin a bad time for riding with the wrong group (my son Kevin, who has yet to find that girl who’s going to break his heart). Slower ride up the hill, although I wasn’t there at the end,since I hung back with Kevin at the park entrance when he had a seizure. Strava says I stopped for 2:26, so if I subtract that from my 31:52 total I get… 29:36? Obviously I would have made it up faster, if Kevin hadn’t immediately ditched me once he got going again.

Only really notable event was a Sheriff’s car flying past at high speed, just over a foot away. Oh, and bleeping his siren at us. Why? I think because he was annoyed he couldn’t harass us, as we were riding single file, right at the edge of the road. Probably wrecked his day.

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