West Old LaHonda pretty busy lately

Picture taken by Nigel’s cell phone on West OLH

Out of the fog, into the clear blue skies. Pretty big change from the start of our ride to the top of Skyline. Nobody melted the asphalt today, although I can’t be absolutely sure of that since Kevin dropped off the lead pace pretty early on the climb, suffering a bit from what appears to be another kidney stone. He did prove that you can ride doped up on Percoset, but unfortunately there’s no evidence it’s likely to be banned for enhancing performance.

Late-arriving email from Nigel confirms that Kevin wasn’t in any shape to observe the goings-on at the front; the asphalt was being melted, as Nigel may have broken through the 24-minute barrier!

West OLH is getting more attention this week, with light gravel laid down along it’s entire “open” section but, thankfully, no oil. Not sure what the point to laying down gravel on a paved road that gets almost no traffic (more bikes than cars) and then have it gone over by the two street sweepers we saw today. It’s definitely ok to ride on, but a bit more slowly than normal.

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