An explanation

So that gross last photo, what was that all about? And no ride reports? Well I’m just now returning from the land of fried cheeses and brats and all manner of unhealthy things. In other words, the annual trip to TREKWorld, where we see all the cool stuff coming out.

And what cool stuff!!! The full Domane road bike line is a game changer. For the first time ever there is a bike that’s going to really set itself apart in the moderate price range- the $1300 Damone 2.0

Yes sure there’s some great $3k-$10k stuff, but that’s to be expected. I’ve never had a moderately-priced bike before that people are going to ride and say its over, this is better, no more shopping. It’s that good.

And finally a pair of cool entry-level cross bikes with disc brakes. Utility/rain/touring/cyclocross for less than $1300. Very cool.

A lot of the stuff we already knew, but sometimes it’s way cooler seeing it in person.

2013 is going to be a phenomenal year! Just hope I don’t go into it too fat & slow after too much flying and not enough riding. Time to go; about to shut the doors. Arriving SFO 1:03am. Riding tomorrow? Not likely. My son should be out there though. -Mike-

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