We ride in the rain (so you don’t have to)

48 degrees and wet on Skyline. Hopefully last time this season!

The long-range forecast says the rain is over. Except, of course, for one final brief fling last night. Last night. Ending at 6am. Just enough time for the roads to dry off a bit before our ride! And in fact, that’s what happened. When my son and I left the house at 7:33am, the roads weredrying out. But looking up towards Skyline, I can’t say that it looked very encouraging.

Just Kevin (my son, not the pilot) and Eric with me today, riding up through the park (as we often do on Thursdays) into the beginning of a steady drizzle. Not real rain, but that constant light stuff that keeps the roads soaked and really made me feel stupid for riding my nice bike and not the not-so-fun “rain” bike with fenders and wider tires. And not only was my bike unprepared, neither was I, having brought short-finger gloves for the kinda balmy weather when we left, only to find 48 degrees and wet up on top. Could have been worse; before descending 84 into Woodside, we came across a young woman in Stanford kit with nothing on her legs.

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