Start my own ride ahead of everyone else? Could happen…

Sure, I feel better, a lot better, than I did two weeks ago. And I’m going to get even better, but… I don’t know that there’s much I can do to keep up with Kevin (my son, not the pilot) anymore. This morning he took another minute off his Kings Mtn time, bringing it to 25:20. If I’m firing on all cylinders and it’s reasonably warm, I can probably still get to 26:30. Kevin is now officially out of my league.

I stayed with the group until the first timing point, about 3 minutes in, and then slowly drifted off the back. Kevin meanwhile was hanging with the fastest guys and I think he said (and I can only go by what he said because I certainly wasn’t there to see it!) George was the only person ahead of him.

I’m trying to remember what it was like, 35 years ago, almost 40, when it would have been me off the front and some older guys behind, and those older guys would be a bit nasty towards us young upstarts, picking on our skills or riding style (you need to ride a straighter line, ride at a more consistent speed, whatever) because they couldn’t keep up with us. I don’t want to become one of them. I’m still a fighter, I still want to be up at the front, and I think there’s still time to get there. Which explains why I’m drinking this dreadful Sobe sugar-free Grapefruit/Cranberry stuff instead of my usual half & half Lemonade/Mtn Dew mix.

If I bring my weight down, if I deal with my breathing issues, and if I can hide a motor on my bike, I can get there.

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