A 90-second tour of our Redwood City remodel

A fast & furious look at our January 2nd-13th remodel in our Redwood City store. Yes, we have bravely brought our retail standards up from 1980 to 1997 or so, with help from Trek Bicycles Retail Services Division. There are some on our staff who were disappointed that I wasn’t more actively involved in the design and final layout, but too much input from me would have resulted in an extrapolation of what we already had. We needed a new look, which is beyond my expertise. I know bikes, the Retail Services guys know what a great store looks like. So I pretty much let Tim, James & Brian have a free hand in most things, including picking flooring, fixtures and walls. My primary contribution was an insistence that we have a workable mechanic area downstairs, so we could have more expertise writing up repairs and running down unusual parts (and, hopefully, fewer people calling to me for help). So far, so good!

If you’re on our email list you’ll get something early next week promoting our grand reopening (never mind that we were never actually closed during the remodel, which was quite remarkable). I’m looking at this as the Bay Area’s newest bike shop is 32 years old!

We’ve still got more to do, and a now modern-looking facility that’s worthy of better upkeep (which means more sweeping & wiping & keeping things in their place). And I’m still trying to figure out where everything is, but remarkably, the most-significant thing that got lost in the transition was a paper shredder. Might have ended up in the massive pile of old electronic stuff we’ve collected over the past 24 years at this location.

Stop by and check out the place. Same friendly and helpful people as before, but a much nicer presentation. –Mike–

2 thoughts on “A 90-second tour of our Redwood City remodel

  1. This Saturday, January 28th Woodside High School is holding an Electronic Recycling event. If you have any old computers, monitors, TV’s, cell phones, printers, DVD/VCR players or any other electronic item that needs to be recycled please bring it by to Woodside High School on Saturday from 10 AM until 2 PM.

    1. You should have seen how much stuff we got rid of during the remodel. But the biggest continuing headache is flouresent lighting. Very difficult to get rid of it, and costly. Doesn’t make sense that they don’t build the recyling cost into the purchase price. –Mike–

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