Monthly Archives: December 2011

Yes, we rode today

It felt almost tropical this morning; mid to upper-40s, a good 10 degrees warmer than usual. And yet, just a few of us on the ride. Todd at the start, joined by Chris on the way up Kings. It was a pretty slow ride up the hill, as Kevin (my son) hadn’t taken a hit from his inhaler and his asthma was holding him back quite a bit. So much so that he said no way was he going to do the whole ride, heading back down the hill with Todd at Sky Londa.

Of course, that wasn’t going to happen! He got feeling better up on Skyline, just like I told him he would, as he got above the dirty air below (all those lit fireplaces despite the spare-the-air warning due to atmospheric conditions that keep all the bad air down close to the ground). It wasn’t a pretty ride, but we still felt a whole lot better at the end for having ridden than we would have otherwise. Which is always how it works out!

5 Days off the bike- do you fear or look forward to the return?

This is how my day started, the Devil Dog staring at me from the sofa, wondering why anybody was up before the sun (or before the heater turned on)

I didn’t even weigh myself after the various Christmas meals and food substitutes. Didn’t want to know. Don’t need to know, because after all these years, I know exactly what happens if I eat and don’t ride for a few days. Anytime I go past the normal ride routine (3 times/week) I can count on adding 1/4 pound per day since the last time I rode (this applies to the first 5 or 6 days; past that, thank goodness, my weight will level off).

A long way of saying that I wasn’t really looking forward to riding this morning, but the alternative was worse. Much worse! At least Kevin (my son, not the pilot) should have been worse off than me, since he missed a full week or riding due to a nasty cold that he’s just now getting over. Of course, just because things be a certain way doesn’t mean they will be, and so it was this morning as I found myself struggling twice to keep up with Kevin on the climb up Kings, before he finally ran out of gas just prior to the top.

Despite the cold temps we had a respectable group this morning, with George, Kevin, Eric, Karl, James & John. Seems like I’m missing someone, but can’t figure out who. Oh, right, my legs. But even my missing legs made something of an appearance, more than I expected anyway. Will they be ready for Mount Hamilton on New Years Day? We’ll see!