Rain early, rain late. I rode early & late. Hope you rode in the middle!

Sigh. Went to bed last night with the light rain definitely winding down and the very real hope that the morning ride would be dry. A real-enough hope to keep me on my “nice” bike, not my super-duper Madone 6.9. Same for my son. Why ride his older (now rain/utility bike) when you can ride in style?

And it was relatively-dry for a while. The roads were slightly damp but not bad, and progressively dryer as we approached the start of the ride. This morning we had Zack, Eric, Karl, Karen, Eric, John, Kevin. And about halfway up the hill, we had… rain. Light rain to be sure, but rain it was. We were literally riding in a cloud, which killed off any idea of sprints on Skyline or a really high-speed run down the west side of 84. 51 degrees and wet. In early October!!!

Let’s hope this isn’t a sign of things to come.

Oh, right, the “late” part. Chain Reaction closes at 7pm and I’m normally done with all the end-of-day stuff and out the door by 7:40 or so. Not today; we had two late-arriving bike buyers, the latter of which didn’t leave until shortly before 9pm. And the rain? I think it started just about the time I left the shop. Nothing heavy, just a constant light rain all the way home. I was asked by my wife if I wanted a ride home (in a car) instead, but that’s not how I roll. More specifically, I roll on two wheels, not four.

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