A few people I’ve seen before

Last night John Burke, President of Trek Bicycles, brought a bunch of dealers to his house on the lake (don’t ask me which lake; there are two of them on opposite sides of Madison, Monona & Mendota?) where a few special guests showed up. Very special. Fabian Cancelllara, Jens Voight, Chris Lieto, Frank Schleck & Andy Schleck. The strong men of the Tour de France with Chris Lieto, Triathlete extrarodinaire, in the middle (OK, actually, he was kinda squeezed off to the side a bit by the big guns).

I think I’ve finally figured out the real connection that binds Trek with pro bike racing. Beer. From what I’ve heard, the Leopard Trek guys enjoy a good beer. Or two. As does John Burke and quite a few others at Trek.

Not shown clearly here, because we’re trying to keep this PG-13, is Andy’s shirt. Tactfully covered by his microphone is a female portrait some would feel a bit uncomfortable with. What might go for art in the Louvre¬†is a bit, well, gauche on a t-shirt.¬†Guess you can get away with that when your 25 or 26 and one of the best cyclists in the world. Not something that would pass standard for employees at the shop though. Sorry guys!

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