Do I really believe this stuff? (Yes!)

So that’s my excuse (note) and I’m sticking to it!

Nice, brisk (which means cold for some, 33 degrees at one point, a bit of ice on the road) morning, clear skies, and yes, most of us will take cold (Northern California cold anyway) over rain any day. Today was one of those days!

James (ouch, he’s too fast), Chris (ouch, another too fast), John (ouch again!), Marcos (that makes ouch #4!!!) and Ludo today; missing in action were Kevin (pilot Kevin), Eric and Karl. Unlike Tuesday’s “Why” ride, this one was more of a normal winter ride for me, old & slow. I made it interesting by letting the faster guys get ahead and then chase them down, doing this three times. That third time I let them get way too far ahead, just barely getting back to their rear wheels before dying. At that point I waited for Ludo, who was battling a cold and trying to take it a bit easy. He was seriously thinking of heading back as soon as we got to the top, but that’s when I sprung my “jedi cold trick” idea on him, and he fell for it. We actually had a nice ride from that point on, and I’m hoping he really is feeling better now. I figure that I’ll see him for sure on Tuesday, just don’t know if it will be on his bike coming out for the ride, or walking from his car towards me with a crowbar. 🙂

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