Heading home!

I’m definitely feeling the need for a bike ride! It’s 12:38pm and we’re on the Picadilly “underground” (which is presently very much above ground) on our way to Heathrow Airport. It appears our upgrades for the flight home aren’t going to happen so it’s 8+ hours in cattlecar to Chicago and then 4 hours to SF.

We did do one more thing this morning; a trip to the London Eye (their giant ferris wheel) which would have been a lot more impressive had someone bothered to clean the windows. As leave we’re seeing the sun in full force for the first time. Seeing it, not feeling it… it’s still in the mid-30s (which does in fact feel much nicer than the low-30s, at least until the wind blows).

It’s definitely time to come home! We miss our kids, I miss riding, heck I even miss the shop. I miss everything but flying. And that I can’t do much about. 🙂

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