Oh boy, time to vote for Harbor District again!

Boxer, Fiorina, Whitman, Brown, Newsom, Prop 23, you know (or think you have an idea) who or what to vote for. In-between you get your County Board of Supervisors, School district folk, people you read statements from in the voter pamphlet and make up your mind about the day before the election, or maybe you know one of them through a friend of a friend.

And at the bottom you get the Harbor District. What the heck are we voting for? What do these people do? Why is it an elected post? And of course this is only slightly below awareness afforded the State Board of Equalization (District 1) official, not to mention all those judges that have been appointed that we need to confirm. Do any fail?

I hate to sound so cynical about something as important as an election, but I can’t believe I’m the only person for whom much of it seems lost in the daily shuffle of life. Important to someone, but me? Perhaps it should be. Perhaps every single vote for every single office is sacred. But given the choice between going out for a bike ride or studying up on the Harbor District, I’ll admit to my weakness up front.

Addendum: In an extreme abuse of the voting process, I voted for a write-in cadidate for Harbor District. Giants first baseman Aubrey Huff.

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