Monthly Archives: September 2010

Kevin’s hyperbaric chamber?

Check it out; Kevin must be getting really serious about his training! I wish. He’s actually having a Gamma Camera scan at Kaiser, trying to run down the source of some severe pain in his side the past two weeks. At first they thought it was another kidney stone but they’ve ruled that out, and this test eliminated gall bladder issues (what does a gall bladder do anyway???). I’m thinking appendix but there remains a possibility it’s related to a new drug he’s on for epilepsy. Whatever it is, it’s kept him off his bike for two weeks now and out of school for quite a bit as well.

Not really a hyperbaric chamber, it's a Gamma Camera

What happened to the good old days when they just yanked out your appendix and asked questions later?

Sorta puts my complaints about my cold-weather breathing issues in perspective.

Kings Mtn OK to ride again!

The pavement project on King’s Mountain Road, which kept us off it the last two rides, is now complete. What the point to it was, I don’t know. They laid down a bit of oil, a lot of gravel, and hope the cars rolling over the gravel embed it into the surface of the road, which does exactly what? Pretty much exactly what it sounds like. It gives the road a gravelly texture that’s not nearly as nice to ride on as smooth pavement would be. On a scale of 1 to 10, where 1 would be cobblestones and 10 would be the glassy-smooth surface of Albion in Woodside, I’d give it a 5. But honestly, I would have given it a 6 before the work was done!

Ok, ride report. Karl’s still out of action (from his crash a couple weeks ago), but we had Kevin, Jan, George, Eric & B0b (I think Bob? He met us at the top of the hill. Wish I could remember names!!!). Cool & drizzly, no sprints, no great views, felt not-so-great climbing but much better once at the top. People were taking it fairly easy for a Tuesday edition of the ride (which is typically the harder one), partly because Eric is getting ready for the Everest Challenge race this weekend.

This was our last “Summer” ride, but realistically, I think we only had maybe 3 or 4 rides that felt like “Summer” these past three months! Hopefully Fall will be better!