What a great day! If it was March, that is…

More shadows & fog on Skyline

Up until a month or two ago, it was easy to say that we were about two months “behind” on the weather curve. That is, in June, we were getting the weather we should have had in April. OK, it’s September, and what we’re seeing today would rank as a great day in March. Cool (50 up on Skyline), drizzly, a bit breezy. If you were a global warming crusader, it would be very difficult to use our current weather as an ally in your fight.

Not too many on the ride this morning; Kevin, Eric, Mike R, Syl and I’m sure there was at least one other guy who left me in the dust as we rode up through the park. Oh, right, Jan! Just looked at one of the photos I took. This morning I’m wondering if I was riding with the wrong group; at the start of the ride a group of 5 women went riding past on Canada, looking far more civilized and social.

The guys wanted to ride through the park and I gave in. I should know better. As much as I claim I don’t need to warm up, there’s something about a steep road on a cold morning that gives me grief, and this morning was no exception. I was so far off the back that Eric was concerned enough about my breathing to suggest I see a doctor about it. Nah, I’m just looking forward to summer finally hitting. It is nice heading through the trees as the sun shines down through the fog though, as you can see in the photo.

I did start feeling better once we got past Skeggs Point on Skyline, as is usually the case. I was feeling fine on the descent towards west-side Old LaHonda, and nobody was pushing the pace on the climb back up to Skyline so I felt good there too! But overall this was my slowest-paced morning ride in ages, and it didn’t have me looking forward to winter.

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