Sweet ride with my pops

Sundays are supposed to be the days that my dad takes my brother Kevin out on a killer ride, but this Sunday, Kevin had some major kidney stone pain, so my dad took me out instead. Now, when I think about riding with my dad, I get a little nervous because he is so fast and strong and I am, well, neither. After voicing my concerns to him numerous times, he suggested that I ride my mom’s E-bike. This is the bike that she rides to work and back on and it’s got an electric motor on the back that doesn’t pedal for you, but it gives some power back to you. It’s a “pedal assist” and super fun to ride. We went out to Portola Valley and did “The Loop”, and yes, it was HOT. I think I might be a bit like my brother on rides though, it takes me a little bit of time to get into riding and then I am good to go. Stopping off at the “New Roberts” to get a soda was pretty cool for me because I have seen so many pictures of my brother drinking sodas on rides and it was nice to be able to share that with my dad myself. It was definitely nice to spend the day on the bike with my dad. :)

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