In times of crisis, we tend to look for the familiar

So I’m back in one of my favorite cities in the world, new York, but don’t worry I didn’t get mugged or anything. I’ve never felt unsafe here and I feel truly comfortable, even more so than in San Francisco!

Here’s what happened: I was walking across the Brooklyn bridge (something I hadn’t done before) and I got to the Brooklyn side and realized “oh no, I need to go to the bathroom, like, now.” I’ve never been to Brooklyn, so I had no idea what might be there much less who might let me use their rest room. Then, in front of me pops the green signs and white mermaid of, you guessed it, starbucks. It was a godsend. Not only do most Starbucks have restrooms but I was also in the mood for an iced coffee after my walk. Going into that Starbucks was like a taste of home in an area that I know nothing about. All Starbucks look very much the same and I think that is a big part of their appeal. No matter where you are, you can go to Starbucks and feel at home. Plus, this one makes a mean iced decaf non-fat upside down caramel macchiato ;)

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