My Project One Process

So you all know about my love for Project One and how it is my absolute favorite thing about selling bikes and bladdy bladdy bladdy… But today I wanted to explain exactly what I do when setting up a Project One and why it is so special to me. Now, we also have other people in the store who are amazing at selling Project One as well, but I wanted to go through my process.

1. You come in and say you are looking for a new road bike. We talk about pricing and it comes up that you could be in the market for a brand new customized Trek Project One. You ride the bike and love it. Perhaps you want to go home and mull it over or you’ve got your mind made up, either way, I’ll get you set up right.

2. We go through all of your options together. Either you have just gotten off a test ride of an amazing Madone or Domane or you’ve brought some ideas from Trek’s great Project One website (, we’ll figure what works best for you. We go through everything on the bike: color (of the frame, cable housing, tires, bar tape and sometimes wheels), components, wheels, bars and most importantly sizing. I will make sure that you get the bike set up so that it does everything you want it to. Not only will frame size, stem length and height, handlebar width and saddle size be addressed but also component sizing. A double crank with an 11-23 cassette probably isn’t going to be the best thing for most riders out there and I will help you figure out what you need. There are even options that might not be availible through Trek, like a SRAM equipped bike with compact crank and an 11-32 in the back. I can make that happen for you.

3. We order the bike and your work is done. After signing off on the bike and putting down a deposit, you don’t have to do anything but wait for your new friend to arrive. While the bike is at Trek I keep an extremely close eye on it to make sure that it will be coming in on time and that nothing is hanging it up. I’m known back there for calling or emailing them the second that something changes on one of our bikes. This is one of the reasons that our Project Ones come in so quickly. I will email you regarding status updates on the bike and I’ll let you know when it ships and when we can expect to have it built at the shop.

4. Whenever we have a Project One come in, I am the first person to look at the bike and make sure everything is to your specifications. If something didn’t come in right, I will make it right. We build up the bike to the correct sizing specifications and we’ll add any accessories that you may need. It is amazing to see a bike come together just as you wanted it to.

5. One of my favorite parts is when you come in and see your beautiful custom bike for the first time. I love seeing the looks on people’s faces when I bring their bikes down the stairs. I will make sure that everything is perfect for you and you can ride away happy. I love happy customers.

I maintain a sense of ownership over every Project One that I sell. They are all my babies and I am very proud of all of them. Whether it’s a fluorescent yellow and red Madone 6.9 or a simple understated platinum Domane 6.2, I remember all of them. I love seeing one of my bikes come in with a ton of miles on them and hearing the compliments people receive. It really makes my day. I may love Project One more than anyone else out there selling them and I think that comes from the personal connections I make with the customers. I will remember your name, I will remember your bike. Designing a bike is a process, and its not about the swipe of a credit card to me. It’s seeing people so happy with their bikes that they designed. It’s hearing about the rides they are doing and checking out their pictures. It’s knowing that there is a bike out there unlike any other with an equally unique person riding it.


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