Bike racks outside Whole Foods!

My Simple City in the new Whole Foods bike racks

There have been bike racks at Whole Foods since it opened, but for a very long time, they were out of the way and not very visible. This didn’t make much sense to me and my dad, considering that this is a store that promotes healthy lifestyles, and yet were making it a bit inconvenient to ride your bike there. So I was pleased to see that they had added a new bike rack right outside the front door. The location is super visible which makes me feel good about leaving my bike there while I grab a sandwich for lunch. Way to go Whole Foods!

Although awesome as it is that they have this new bike rack, it would be nice if it were set out a few more feet from the cart center so that we could put our bike’s front or rear wheels in it. As you can see, I (and someone else too) had to place my bike sideways after trying to make it work the “right way” for about 5 minutes. Still a few bugs in the system but much better than putting my bike far away!

Speaking of grabbing lunch, if you every drive between El Camino and Jefferson on weekdays between 11am and 1pm, you might seen me on my Gary Fisher Simple City heading off somewhere to get some food. I love this bike. It is so darn practical, not to mention cute. It’s great being able to stick my purse in the basket and go wherever it takes me. Although it did take some getting used to riding with a lot of weight on the front, it’s still a super fun bike to ride. I have been happy to ride it short distances that I would otherwise be taking my car and wasting gas. And although it may be a bit cliche, I love riding it to the farmer’s market on Saturdays and loading the basket up with fruit and bread. :)

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