West Old LaHonda open again, 84 back to two lanes, and Kevin’s knee is literally shot up

There may be hope after all. My weight is gradually coming back down to where it needs to be, I’m doing some more challenging rides, and Kevin finally got seen by a doctor for his knee.

The knee thing might be the most-important. Kevin has had to skip out on quite a few rides due to knee pain, so today, after our regular Tuesday/Thursday-morning ride, he went to see his doctor. He even allowed himself to push a bit harder, hoping that it would help make his knee issue more easily diagnosed. It was especially nice that we got to bring the ride a bit closer back to normal, checking to see if it was true that West Old LaHonda was finally open again. It is!

And 84 descending into Woodside is finally finished, back to two lanes, no traffic controls.

Getting back to Kevin’s knee, they gave him a cortisone shot which they said should be good for several months. That’ll get him through France, and then some.

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