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Endless ramblings regarding the every Tuesday & Thursday-morning bike ride, leaving Olive Hill & Canada Road at 7:45am, rain or shine

Better late than never to announce no ride Thanksgiving morning

Well yes, I should have gotten around to this a while ago! Thanksgiving Day I’ll be on a place with my wife heading to Rome (via Frankfurt). Two weeks off the bike! I’m going to be coming back fat & slow, for sure. There’s the slightest possibility I’ll spend a little time in a gym, but it’s not particularly high. In the meantime…
This was pretty cool. Monday night, riding home, I lost my best home-made (by Becky) mask. I didn’t know where, but by the time I got home, it wasn’t around my neck anymore. Kevin and I rode to work after Tuesday morning’s ride, looking for it and, sure enough, there it was, just a couple blocks from the shop. Lying in the street. That mask, one of 6, has been with me pretty much since the beginning of the pandemic, and I’d planned on using the 4 remaining on the trip I’m taking with my wife.
And Tuesday-morning’s ride? Pretty darned slow! Pretty darned cold at the beginning, which doesn’t help me, but gradually warmed up as we climbed Kings. And I gradually felt better.

Chasing a garbage truck in reverse on Greer… quite the metaphor

Another cold morning, although not even close to record-breaking territory; never got below 37 I think? Coldest-ride ever saw a temp of 23 many, many years ago. I was a different person then; if I encountered temps like that now, even my electrically-heated gloves wouldn’t be able to keep my fingers from freezing in place.

Just me and Kevin, and no more than 4 others we saw during the entire ride. For a brief (very brief) period of time, I was thinking I might feel pretty good on the climb, as I was able to climb Jefferson with relative ease. An unusual thing, that! But getting caught behind the garbage truck in reverse set the tone for things to come. It was a pretty slow and deliberate ride, even though it did warm up quite a bit as we climbed.

Cars were being a bit nuts this morning; it was like a driver’s ed film on steroids. People coming out of driveways or merging from one road to another without paying any attention Tuesday, it was deer all over the place. Not sure which is worse.

Turning from 84 onto West Old LaHond one has to be very careful of cars, but the surprise today was a bike coming around the corner! Somebody feeling a lot better than us; he passed us pretty quickly and we were never really able to get close to him after that.
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