Must have been record cold for an April morning ride

It was not easy, and it’s not going to get easier as soon as I’d like. Originally we were in a warming trend that was going to start, well, today. Just a degree or two, but in the right direction, and no rain. Instead we saw upper 30s most of the ride, and 32.5 or so at the start and up on top of Skyline. I really want to believe that’s why I’ve been so slow lately. When breaking 36 minutes feels like an accomplishment…

But it was nice up on top, as you can see on the view from Star Hill Road.

The weather though. What are we going to do about it? Now showing rain again, for Friday, Saturday… well, they’ve called it off for Sunday at least! But the previous forecast of up to 80 has been dropped to 67.

I’m ready. Bring on the heat!

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