WOLH is still there

Kevin’s back from Disneyland so at least I had company for the whole ride this morning (on Tuesday, the “other” Kevin, es-pilot, rode up Kings a few minutes ahead of me, thinking I’d catch him.. like that was going to happen!). We actually left two minutes early, wanting as much time as possible to complete the ride, given how slowly I’ve been riding lately. Somehow I managed to get up a couple minutes faster than Tuesday, even though Thursday includes going through the park and, today, having to navigate a closed gate at the top.

Odd morning; more cars than usual, and fewer bikes, even though there wasn’t a cloud in the sky and the weather was very slightly warmer than it’s been lately.

West Old LaHonda is still there, and seemed like they’d even swept the road of debris on the upper part, before the first barrier. Until we’re 100% certain we won’t be blocked off, we’re still riding from the top-down, so a road blockage won’t cause a really long back-track via 84 back up to Skyline. Maybe Sunday we’ll head out in search of other damaged roads?

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