My legs work great! For about 15 seconds.

Last Sunday I was on my own, just a quick, or rather really really slow, slog up Old LaHonda, down the other side, and back home via West Alpine. Fortunately I rode a lot stronger on West Alpine than I did up Old LaHonda!

Not sure which version of me would show up this morning though. Turned out it was the kinda new-normal version of me, nothing to see, move along. I manage to force myself up Kings, without much change to play; it’s only once we get up on Skyline that I can begin to stretch my legs a bit and put out some (brief) power on the shorter climbs.

Tom C came with us today; I thought he’d keep Kevin company, but he ended up closer to me (although still well ahead) than Kevin. First ride in a while where we needed leg warmers and base layers and, for me, long fingered gloves.

It’s fun trying to see what sort of power I can see; I’d love to be able to get over 900 again, but that seems pretty elusive. That won’t stop me from trying though!

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