Wish me luck

Still no photos, which isn’t fun but right now not much time to deal with anything but the immediate tasks at hand, which include our big lobbying day on The Hill tomorrow morning, and, because I’m dumb enough to volunteer, I get to visit staffers for various congressional budget and finance offices (including that all-important Ways & Means Committee) to press my case for fairer taxation of products purchased in brick & mortar stores (that’s what you call a bike that that you walk into) vs on-line. I’d love to get into a long piece about it, but right now, got to get some sleep before the big day.

Am I scared, like I’ve been in the past at lobbying events? No, not this time. Not at all. Because I’ve been working my tail off for 34 years on this thing called the American Dream, and it’s sad to think that it’s being threatened for my employees & my kids. I’m having one of those “Network moments.” As in, I’m mad as hell and not going to take it anymore.

Hopefully you won’t read about me on the news. 🙂

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