The Amazing $35 Scoot Bike Conversion!

Getting kids to ride without training wheels is not always easy; some take to it quickly, others can take years! I know; my son was off training wheels before 4, while my daughter finally got going when she was 8 (just one of those things).

The ultra-trick $35 Chain Reaction Scoot-Bike conversion, available with any kids coaster brake bike we sell!
The ultra-trick $35 Chain Reaction Scoot-Bike conversion, available with any kids coaster brake bike we sell!

The latest, and highly-regarded technique for teaching how to ride a bike is to use something called a “scoot bike”. We sell the Trek version, The Kickster. Cool little “bike” without pedals, chain or crankset. You “scoot” it and get a sense of balance without fear because you have your feet on or near the ground, scooting it along. But, like all “scoot bikes” I’ve seen, it’s fairly expensive for something that might be useful for a few months.

And then the idea hit. Not my idea, this one’s too obvious. A customer asked to have the cranks, pedals & chain removed from two of his kids Treks to turn them into “virtual ” scoot bikes, and then, when the kids got the hang of it, convert them back.

It works! You can see what it looks like, in “Scoot mode”, in the photo. We now offer this service for any coaster-brake kids bike we sell. For $15 we’ll remove the cranks, pedals & chain, and change it back again to a pedal bike, using the parts removed, for $20 more. Just $10 more (coming off & going on) if not purchased from us. Keep in mind that, in “scoot mode”, it has no brakes. It’s for backyard or driveway or school-yard use only, never, ever, on the street.

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3 thoughts on “The Amazing $35 Scoot Bike Conversion!

    1. The chain is removed because the cranks have been taken off to get them out of the way. You can leave the cranks and chain on, but they’re going to be banging into them, making it harder to “scoot.”

  1. Got it! Since most of the folks I’ve worked with master balance in just a session or two, and aren’t scooting around for longer distances, I’d never thought of that.

    BTW, I think this is a GREAT service that you offer. Way to think outside the box with this.

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