Monthly Archives: November 2010

Waiting for a plane

I had read that departure times for egypt air flights were goals, not something set in stone (so to speak). Such appears to be the case today as our flight from London to Cairo is likely to leave around 6pm, 4 hours late.

London Heathrow is an interesting airport; they don’t let you know the gate number for your flight until 30 minutes before you leave. Why? So they can keep you in the huge shopping area in the middle of the terminal. Smart people.

One more time…

This is my FOURTH attempt to post from my iPhone via the wordress app. Each of the prior three went when I hit the “post” button, because there was no Internet connection at 39,000 feet. In the final post it ate, I pondered whether it might establish a connection while free-falling from a plane at 30,000ft (a lower altitude because we were descending).

So right now we (that would be myself and the wife aka Redwood City shop mom) are sitting on the tarmac in DC about to begin leg 3 of 4 to Cairo.

The low tech entertainment system on my bike (computer and the tight connection with my surroundings) is infinitely more reliable than United’s volume control for the headset (full-blast only!) on the last flight, and on this one, a video screen more faded than a five year old Fry’s receipt.

8 hours from London, 16 hours to Cairo. So near, yet so far. No, only seems far right now. Thank goodness my daughter is holding things down back home at the shop, with help from the rest of the crew. Nice not having to worry about things back home. Thanks Becky! And Burt and Don and Roger and Patrick and Joey and Danny and Andrew and Greg and Manny and Charlie and I sure hope I didn’t leave anyone out!

Ok, I left out Kevin, but he’s been away for 9 weeks but he will be back I’n action, helping customers, this Saturday. –Mike–