Overall good commercials but where were the clydesdales?????

My family doesn’t really watch the super bowl to watch the super bowl. Sure we can recognize a good play froma¬† bad one in football, but really the super bowl is about the commericals for us. So here’s a list of a couple of the ones that stood out for me:

  • Audi Vampires: I really dislike the Twilight saga so I was glad to see all of those vampires burst into smoke. Also, a pretty good way to advertise those headlights, I want some!
  • Naked M&Ms: The voice of Vanessa Williams as the never-before-seen-on-TV upper class brown M&M was perfect, as was the part where the red one tore off his candy coating and got down. Who doesn’t like little sexually amorphus chocolate creactures dancing naked at their party? No on, that’s who.
  • Sketcher’s Quigley: This one was the great “under-dog” commercial of the game. The fat little English Bull Dog out running the grey houds was great, as was the appearence of Marc Cuban at the end. So much better than their super lame ads in the past.
  • Doritos: They do a good job with all of their commercials for the super bowl every year but I particularly enjoyed the one where the dog burried the cat and bribed his owner with doritos not to tell any one. Simple, and that Great Dane probably could have eaten the guy, so I think it was a good choice. The other one that stuck with me was the one where there is a bratty little kid with a bag of doritos who is bragging about the fact he has them and his (presumably) grandmother and baby brother do not. The grandma slingshots the baby who grabs the doritos from the brat. Who hasn’t been in their shoes and wanted to do exactly the same thing?
  • Pepsi Max for life: I love Regis, so that was the icing on the cake to a hilarious ad where a Coke delivery man wins Pepsi Max for life. My question is: how did the supermarket fit all that Pepsi Max in their ceiling?
  • Chevy apocalypse: Last but not least, I would say the best ad of the night. The 2012 Mayan prophecy has come true and the only people alive are 4 guys who drive Chevy trucks. When asked why “Dave” isn’t there, they answer that he drove a Ford and didn’t make it. Super funny. I just bought a Ford and now am thinking “Should I have gotten a Chevy Sonic?” Just kidding, I love my car, but this ad was marvelous. And the twinkies at the end were great too.

Two things I was disappointed about though: 1. The amount of movie trailers was crazy! Come on, I don’t watch the Super Bowl commercials to see an ad for G.I. Joe 2. And 2. There was only one Budweiser ad with the clydesdales! Aren’t they their signature animal? A little disappointing Bud…

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