We have Ultegra Di2 bikes coming in!

That’s right, we have a fleet of Ultegra Di2 demo bikes coming in. Right now, I have a 50cm WSD Di2 Ultegra Madone 6.2 coming in on Thursday! This bike is super cool, it has the brand-new Ultegra version of the Di2 electric shifing, Bontrager Race wheels, and the full made-in-the-USA 6 series Madone frame.

The 6.2 Ultegra Di2 bike we have coming in

Why Ultegra Di2? Because Ultegra Di2 gives you the advantages of Dura Ace Di2 without the price tag. Ultegra Di2 costs about as much as traditional Dura Ace but it shifts electronically. We spec’d these women’s specific design bikes with this because it doesn’t have shift levers but rather shift “buttons”. This means that it doesn’t take as much effort to shift as it did before. Great for people with small hands or weak wrists!

We will be getting in a fleet of these (size 44-54cm) within the next month for people to demo. We are very excited to be getting these in!


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