This is why I have been neglecting my blog

Yes, I admit it, I haven’t been posting as much as I should. I started school at the end of January and things have been pretty crazy. I’m only taking 2 classes, Digital imaging and History of Western Civilization 2, but they are taking up a lot of my time. I have discovered that I really really like working in photoshop, it just clicks for me. I see something that I want to take a picture of but there is something undesirable in it and I think, I can fix that in photoshop! It’s great! Whenever I sit down to my computer, I find myself fiddling with my photos and I lose track of time. Even my dad, who has been working with photoshop a lot longer than me, is impressed with what I can already do. It’s so cool.  We have been working on retouching old photos and I chose this picture of my dad’s old dog, Happy. I’m really proud of how it came out!

Happy before on the right and after on the left. The tear in the upper corner is gone along with the dustpots and yellow on her chest

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