Sorry I haven’t been around

No, I’m not typing an email in the wrong place, I have gotten a lot of people asking why I haven’t updated my blog in a while. I’m sorry about this. I’ve been very distracted with the health problems of my brother, Kevin (The same one my dad has been writing about on his blog). This whole ordeal has not been fun for neither Kevin, nor our family. I want him to get better so badly and there is nothing I can do for him, and that really sucks for me. I like taking care of people and I take care of Kevin a lot. Seeing him still in pain kills me. Now and then, when the pain subsides a little, I see glimmers of the “old” Kevin, the one who tells jokes about everything and makes everyone around him smile. I am hoping and praying with all my heart that all this stuff will pass quickly and I can have my brother back.

A little intro to me and Kevin. We are weirdly close. When other brothers and sisters are fighting and screaming at each other, we are hugging and making each other laugh. People always say that we are weird for being that way, but that’s the way that we like it. That’s not to say that we don’t get on each others nerves sometimes, I don’t think it is biologically possible for a brother and sister to NOT get on each others nerves. We do little things to push the others buttons but in general we get along great. We do a lot together, but one thing we really like to do is travel together. I think I have been on more trips with Kevin than anyone else and we always have a lot of fun. We go to Disneyland at least once a year (we love Disneyland, perhaps me a little more than Kevin) and we love to go to Europe, Kevin and I have been there twice. We think very similarly and I think that’s one reason why we get along so well. I miss my brother and I want him to come back from this stronger than ever.

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