Hello World!

Well, at least hello to the people who read the website :) My name is Becky and Mike (hitherto known as “dad”) has supplied me with my own blog to talk about my experiences and knowledge of the cycling world. Here’s a couple things that I want to accomplish on this blog:

1. I want to be more physically active and maybe do a triathlon in the future. I’m not Iron Man material but I think it would be fun to go out on longer rides and be able to run a bit more. I also have to get certified for scuba so it all ties in nicely with the tri thing. The Trek Women’s Triathlon is a long term goal that I would love to participate in. I have a Trek Madone 5.1 that is silver and pink that my friend affectionately calls the “Barbie Dream Bike” and I am looking forward to taking it out on longer rides.

2. Speaking of Trek Women stuff… I’m the Women’s Specific Design guru at our Redwood City store. I think that women are a huge part of the cycling community and it is very important to have a place for them to feel comfortable when they are looking for a bike or just trying to get into it. I will be keeping you up to date with all of the newest stuff in the Trek Women’s lines and various events in the area that cater to women cyclists or triathletes.

3. I am passionate about Project One, which is Trek’s custom bike program. Being able to choose your color and components on your bike is a great way to make your bike uniquely yours. Project One is constantly changing and adding new and cool options, and I will not only be telling you about the newest additions to the Project One line, but also highlighting some of our recent Project One sellers.

4. What girl doesn’t like clothes? I do all of the apparel buying for our Redwood City store. Whether you are looking for something to keep you cool in 90*+ weather or a jacket to warm you up in below freezing, I’ve probably got some answers for you. I want talk about the latest in cycling apparel and how that can help you!

Well, I think that’s it for the first blog post. Thanks for coming along on the ride! :)

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