That ambulance in PV Sunday might have been for Kevin

No big hills lately; Kevin’s knee is a continuing issue that doesn’t seem to be resolving quickly. So that last full Pescadero/Tunitas ride might have to last for a while. Hate that. I’m slug-slow climbing these days, but it remains tough getting motivated for rides that have no real climbs. Sunday we didn’t even do Mt Eden/Pierce, which was the original plan. Instead, we wandered around “the maze” (the roads along the tracks in Cupertino), thinking we might find a secret passage… nope. Just dead-ends.

Heading back through Portola Valley Kevin had his second seizure of the ride, of course in an area where he was visible to many passing cars. Which meant a lot of explaining, letting people know this is routine, he’ll be fine in a couple minutes and back on his bike. Unfortunately someone likely called 911 because about 10 minutes later, an ambulance passed by, sirens and lights, and we’re thinking it’s probably looking for Kevin. What were we supposed to do? It could have been for someone else, after all. And if we’d tried to flag them down, well, first, how? Second, should an ambulance ever be expected to stop for something, while en-route to their call? Especially if they have lights & siren going?

The highpoint was probably the snake Kevin spotten on Old Page Mill Road. Not a big guy, but strangely, he kept moving in on my foot. Normally snakes move away from people, not towards.

Overall a pretty OK ride despite no hills and quite a headwind coming back.

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