Tacos! Maybe not the best mid-ride fuel though.

Unlike last week’s solo ride to the coast, my first visit to Pescadero since early October, skipping Tunitas in favor of less climbing on 84, today’s ride would be the traditional. How traditional? Strava says 146 rides of this route since I started using the service back in mid-2008. Strava didn’t actually start until 2009, but I had saved Garmin rides from about half a year prior.

Back to normal also means Kevin was on the ride. He held back with me on Old LaHonda, which might have been a good thing, seeking safety in numbers. Safety? There’s a fair amount of hostility towards cyclists on Old LaHonda right now, especially after they added signage at the bottom that says “Not advised for Bicyclists.” Even had a car coming down the hill yell that to us. That sign is both inappropriate and dangerous. Because 84 is shut down, Old LaHonda is getting increasing traffic and it’s just the cyclists they want to pick on? But we made it up without further incident.

Forgot to mention the weather. We definitely over-dressed, with base layers, leg warmers and long-fingered gloves. Leg warmers were a good thing, because it wasn’t that warm but not sure if we ever really needed a base layer at all; for the few times it might be been cool enough, we could have put on one of our packable rain jackets.

Kevin said he was feeling pretty good, so I sent him flying on Haskins, and fly he did. 8:44, a PR for him and faster, I think, than anything I’ve done the past 15 years.

I knew from last week’s ride that Arcangeli market & bakery was going to be closed, so we got tacos from the gas station/mexican food restaurant. Tasty but I think just a bit too greasy for riding food; both of us felt a bit bogged down, my version of bogged down being a fair amount slower than Kevin’s.

This was Kevin’s first opportunity to see the Stage Road washout; I think he was reasonably impressed.

Because Kevin had done so well on Haskins, I suggested he go for it on Tunitas. He did really well on his time for getting to the forest (I wasn’t there to see it, being a couple minutes behind already) but had a couple of times he died on the steep stuff, so no records this time. Still, his 45:38 isn’t bad.

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