I don’t believe in Karma, but…

Kevin (that would be my son Kevin, not pilot Kevin) is still off the bike, not at school, and in a lot of pain as the doctors still don’t have a handle on what’s going on with him. He’s been in for a lot of tests, all sorts of things have been ruled out (I dared to ask the urologist today if some sort of evil tumor could be the issue, but he assured me that it would have been seen on the x-ray or cat scan), but we still don’t know what it is. We seem to be moving through a process of elimination rather than determination, which just doesn’t seem how you’d expect modern medicine to work. It’s like an episode of House, and that’s not really something I want to feel kinship with in this manner (but my daughter adds that, unlike House, nobody’s suggested that it’s Lupus).

The Karma thing comes to mind when I wondered gee, is this how a customer feels when they’ve brought their bike in three times for the same thing and we still haven’t gotten it figured out? I’m going to be a lot more sympathetic to that sort of thing in the future. But for now, please, let’s find someone who can fix my kid.

6 thoughts on “I don’t believe in Karma, but…

  1. Mike, I hope your Son gets his issue diagnosed soon and is back in action again.

    I got there for your ride a few minutes late today with Mike R., so we headed up the hill and were most likely just behind you.

  2. We left about a minute late, and rode up the hill in just under 28 minutes, so nothing terribly fast. Surprised you didn’t catch us. We probably could have seen you down below when we were on the upper part of west-side Old LaHonda.

  3. Mike, tell Kevin that I’m thinking of him and looking forward to reading about his cycling triumphs when he’s all better.

    1. Will do. Another discouraging round of tests today, coming up with… nothing really. The urologist is frustrated, we’re frustrated. We’ve seen a number of specialists, each of whom says it’s not his organ, it’s something else. And the something-else specialist points back at the other. It’s become an unfortunate cycle that has to be broken, and tomorrow we begin that process. Tomorrow Kevin will be at the shop, and when he gets an attack he’ll rest for a bit and come back for more. On Sunday he’ll be going out on a short bike ride, and Monday he gets back to school. Whether he can handle a full day or not, I don’t know, but I think he’s come to realize that he can’t let this take control of his life, not when the doctors don’t have a handle on it. Crossing my fingers! Thanks- –Mike–

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