The almost-daily diary ran as a linear column on our website long before “blogs” became popular or even named “blog.” The move to WordPress is something I should have done long ago, but resisted because, well, I didn’t want to be known as a “blog.” I wasn’t a “blog.” I was something I created on my own, not a generic piece of the world-wide web. Or so I thought. Being the disorganized person that I am, it would be crazy to not take advantage of the “blog” format, with its ease of updating and built-in organization. So blog I am!

I’m also running three separate twitter accounts that I need to get moving on. They are @MikeJacoubowsky, @CRBikes and @CRDeals. Not sure what I’m going to do with the first one, but @CRBikes should mirror this blog (eventually) and @CRDeals will be the place we’ll post same-day and short-term killer specials. That’s the plan anyway. Thanks-       –Mike Jacoubowsky

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