Monthly Archives: July 2011

The ‘Tour did two climbs today, so did we

Most people would think that just climbing Alpe d’Huez itself is a good day. But we’re not most people. I’ve visited Alpe d’Huez a number of times and always been fascinated by a cliff road on the opposite side of the valley (d219). So today we drove to a spot a few miles outside of Bourg d’Oison and, as a prelude to the main event (Alpe d’Huez) rode up the side of a cliff on a narrow little road that actually has a waterfall cascading over you at one point.

This road isn’t for the timid; it’s steep, scary, has two long unlit tunnels, and a liberal scattering of some type of rock that is designed to destroy tires (good thing I carry a spare!).

The rewards are saying you did it, viewing a spectacular waterfall that can be seen no other way, and a cool little bar at the top where cokes are only two euros but you’d pay 5. Nice little terrace with an incredible view. Too bad we couldn’t stay very long; the plan was to head back at noon, whether we had made it to the top or not.

The only thing not so enjoyable was getting the flat (actually two because the first tube I used had a valve problem, and if anybody’s keeping track, they know I have zero spare tubes or tires left), and having to keep Kevin to the inside with me alongside, ready to quite literally push him into the wall if he were to have a seizure at an inopportune time. Thankfully, no seizures. Part two next.