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  1. Hi Mike, I got the Alpine computer from your Los Altos store a few months back primarily because I like having an altimeter feature (and a recent crash had knocked the altimeter of my previous computer out of commission). I’m having a strange problem I don’t see listed in the user guide at all, when in the setting for trip climb total I get two numbers alternately flashing, one of which usually seems too high. Do you have any advice how to get one climb total showing? Thanks!

  2. Kevin: I looked up your purchase and you’ve got the Alpine DW computer. I’ve got one myself, and hadn’t noticed this before (because I’m usually looking at the downloaded info from the Garmin after the ride. But I see what you mean! OK, I think I’ve got it figured out. Notice how the + and – are changing? One is showing your total climbing amount, and the other total descending. Yes, it’s a bit screwy that a round-trip ride would show a slightly-different number for each, but that’s been the case with every altimeter bike computer I’ve had. Hope this helps- –Mike–

    1. Hey Mike, thanks very much for the quick response, and now that I look at it again (Homer Simpson ‘doh’!). Seems obvious looking at it with what you wrote (that and the eyes aren’t as sharp as they used to be). Also fits in with what I’ve observed during rides, a larger discrepancy early in the ride and then the values get closer late in the ride. Appreciate the assistance– Kevin

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