We have Ultegra Di2 bikes coming in!

Madone 6.2 WSD Di2

The 6.2 Ultegra Di2 bike we have coming in

The 6.2 Ultegra Di2 bike we have coming in

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2 Responses to Madone 6.2 WSD Di2

  1. Chris says:

    Question- can i convert my current ultegra 6.2 madone and go to ultegra di2?


    • becky says:

      Hi Chris, converting your current Ultegra bike to Di2 would be rather expensive because you would have to change the shifters, and derailleurs. You could keep your crank, brakes and cassette but you would have to get the battery and cable routing too. One of our vendors has a “kit in a box” that would sell for $1450 (I’ll have to double check on this) and then installation would be around $200. If you have a 2010 or later madone 6 series, you have the spot where the battery goes in on the bottom bracket and full internal cable routing. If you have a 5 series or 6 series older than 2010, you would have to zip tie the battery to the down tube.
      I hope that helps!

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