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Tuesday was impossibly hard; today (Thursday) was so much fun!

It’s really tough to figure out; Tuesday I was dying out there. Every pedal stroke up Kings was without joy. No capability to push the pace for even a bit, just, well, misery on wheels. Kevin did much better, despite having some vision issues due to his epilepsy meds. At any time he could have dropped me like a rock. My goal was just to get to the top of Kings and hope this would be one of those rides where you felt better at the end than the beginning. Fortunately that did turn out to be the case. I began to feel almost alive on West Old LaHonda. I have no excuses, nothing to explain why I felt that way. One of those days where you’re thinking an ebike is in your future sooner than later.

Thank goodness Thursday was totally different! I was concerned how things would go, but it was an entirely different version of me that showed up today. Both Kevins were there (Tuesday just one Kevin, the younger one); I waved younger Kevin on, so he could see what type of time he could get, and rode up the hill with ex-Pilot Kevin, who’s consistent but not as fast as he (or I should say either of us) used to be. I felt good; I was able to put in some really strong efforts here and there and was just generally having a good time, pushing the limits of my lungs and legs. Like I said, I can’t explain it, just glad the version of me that rode Sunday & Tuesday didn’t show up today.

That was so much harder than it should have been

It feels like Kevin came back from France with a brand new motor, more powerful than ever before. While mine, well, it feels like it should be back in the shop for repair.

We’ve been back from France for… 9 days? About midnight Friday, with my first ride back last Sunday, heading over to LaHonda and back via West Alpine. Alone, because Kevin needed to catch up with his GF after being gone two weeks. And somehow, skipping a ride, Kevin’s riding much stronger than he has in ages, while I’m struggling. It can’t have anything to do with me being 66 and him 29. Thursday morning he flew up Kings, getting his best time ever for the climb through the park. Today he posted a solid 20 minutes up Old LaHonda, while I dragged myself up there 6 minutes later. I was getting worried I’d be able to hang onto his wheel heading out to Pescadero, but it’s pretty hard to shake me on a descent or flat terrain.

No cookies today!
The Pescadero Bakery was fairly crowded but the sandwich line moved fast. But… no cookies!!! Had to settle for a triangular cherry-filled pastry.

No nasty headwinds going north today, just the three nasty climbs on Stage. I almost always have the upper hand on them, but not today; Kevin was feeling good. Good enough that we were already discussing plans for Tunitas, how he wasn’t going to let me slow him down, it was time to see what he could do. Would he really go for it? A definite yes on that; he hit the bottom (flatter) part of Tunitas HARD; I lost his wheel maybe half a mile before the forest starts. Even so, my own time to the start of the forest was pretty darned good, but I was in no condition to keep it up and didn’t do well on the steeper middle section. Unfortunately, I did catch up to Kevin about a mile after Tunitas flattens out; he was recovering from a seizure. Well, there will be other days.

Is this information you really want to know?
I did notice my new Garmin’s “How much do you have left in the tank” feature was warning me that I had nothing left, showing <1 mile as Tunitas progressed. Fortunately it wasn't entirely accurate, or I wouldn't have made it home. I thought it would show me recovering as we descended Kings into Woodside, but no, it was still showing <1 mile as we approached Jefferson, the last hill. Good ride for Kevin, good for me that I rode. There is a difference between the two.