Why are you even asking? Of course we rode this morning!

For once, the forecast was mostly right. The rain this morning wasn’t torrential, but it was definitely rain, not drizze. Not much wind, thankfully, but not the warm, pineapple-express sort of storm that is almost pleasant.

Slow? Oh yeah, slow. I was as slow this morning as I felt fast (ok, relatively fast) on Sunday. And Kevin was a fast today as he was slow on Sunday.

Not much traffic, despite the continuing closure of 84. The ride up was pretty uneventful; no wildlife sightings of any kind, not even deer or squirrels. We didn’t risk continuing south on Skyline due to the danger of getting trapped between fallen trees, no did we do an extra loop consisting of Swett and Tunitas. Why not the latter? 37F and rain is not a pleasant thing to spend much time in!

Thankfully this is the last of the “weather” for a few days, or so they say. In the meantime, I have a house without power (again!) but at least the water heater works. Could be worse.

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