No more riding for me…

No more ride descriptions from me this trip; after Tuesday’s stage, Kevin and I went out to get food before our train arrived, and I went down hard on wet pavement. Not so bad at first but started feeling worse over time. I know how that one goes. Kevin and I went to the hospital in Lourdes this morning so I could get checked out. Strange place with a bit of a deserted feeling, and looks like St. Elsewhere. Equipment looks about that old too! Wasn’t fast; waited for about an hour to see someone, not because of a line (just one person ahead of us) but, like I said, not much seemed to be going on. But I was well taken care of, just don’t know how I’m going to afford the massive bill. $119 euros (about $140) for x-rays and doctor consults and all other fees. And another $20 for three different prescription drugs. Funny, but it’s just about what my Kaiser co-pay would have been.

2 thoughts on “No more riding for me…

  1. Ouch. Besides the two obvious fractures, is that a hairline fracture on a third rib?

    Funny story, when I got x-rayed for my broken scapula, they noted two old rib fractures that I never knew about. I remember your story about your pain scale being way off and that you described a broken toe to a nurse as a 2 out of 10 or something like that. Reminds me of…me.

    1. Not sure if there’s a third smaller fracture or not; I’ll talk with my GP and see if they want to get a set of new x-rays. The pain was pretty unbearable the first night, but after seeing the doctor, things felt immediately better. Some of it may have been anxiety, just not knowing what was going on, especially with almost zero sign of bruising.

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