Thought I was going to collapse through the park, strong recovery in the middle

Interesting, with the trees removed towards the bottom of 84, how you see the hill that runs through the middle of Woodside. Who knew it was there?
Tuesday’s ride I was just feeling week in general, maybe recovering from Sunday’s ride, and watched as Kevin and Karen rode away from me. This morning was thankfully a bit different. I totally sucked heading up through the park, although once past the entrance station I saw a little bit of power developing. Still, no way to catch up to Kevin, Karen & Colin before hitting Kings. I was pretty sure this was going to be a bad ride up the hill in general, but, as has happened many times before, I rode really strongly on the middle section. Kevin and Colin were very quickly dropping behind, maybe even more quickly than I did on Tuesday.

I did the usual, holding my speed all the way to the 1.41 miles to go sign, where I let Karen pass me and told her I’d be waiting up for Kevin and Colin. I circled for about a minute, saw they were together and doing OK and took off again. No chance to catch up with Karen after giving her a “free” minute, but I did get her in sight again, and put two minutes on Kevin and Colin by the top.

Nice morning, thankfully without fog. Still a bit cool and my lungs definitely appreciate warmer temps!

Heading down 84 into Woodside, just before the bottom, they’ve cleared out a ton of Eucalyptus tress. Two odd things about that. First, it just feels weird, because you position yourself as much by the trees as lines on the road. Second, did you know there’s a ride that runs through Woodside? Who knew? But for the time being, it’s right out there in the open.

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