The return of Christi

She’d emailed that she would show, and she did. Christy V, whom we’d come across a few weeks ago up on Skyline during one of our regular Tuesday/Thursday morning rides, and invited to join us for the full ride sometime… there she was, on time, ready to go. She was concerned she wouldn’t be fast enough, but shouldn’t have worried. We’re way past the days of a 30 minute cutoff (ok, like a decade past?), and over the years, a lot of our “regulars” have aged out, thinking they want an easier ride, or a later ride (which many can do because they’re retired). I’m conveniently leaving out those who might want a faster ride.

Today there were 4 of us; myself, Christy, Kevin (younger Kevin, not the ex-pilot) and Karen. Karen’s still in solid shape, despite deciding racing is part of a past life after spending 27 years at it. She rode her own pace while Kevin was feeling good until he wasn’t (knee acting up a bit again) and I was keeping an eye on Christy. I rode with Karen up until the wide-open clearing section, where I pulled off and waited, first for Kevin to go past, then not too long after, Christy. Christy is consistent. She has a pace that she sticks to, and it’s not slow. She didn’t know her best time up Kings, but has done 23 up Old LaHonda, so I’m thinking she can do a 30 minute Kings. Today it was about 34, barely easy enough that I could actually have a conversation with her.

My guess, if she becomes a regular, is that it won’t be impossible keeping up with her on Kings, but she’s going to just keep grinding away and by the time we get to West Old LaHonda, any sign of tired legs by the usual suspects and she’ll be riding on ahead of us, maintaining a strong steady pace at exactly the time the rest of us feel like our legs don’t feel like pushing hard.

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