One last look around (most of the reason I’ve been absent)

Sometimes around 4am Sunday morning, finishing up at the old shop, getting ready to turn over the keys.

1 thought on “One last look around (most of the reason I’ve been absent)

  1. Thanks for the farewell look around the very empty old shop. Where did all the fixtures from Los Altos and 1451 end up? The new shop looks like it would need less than 30% of your 2 shops worth of stuff.
    I hope you and the rest of the staff have time to recover before the Spring 2021 rush starts.
    I retired from UAL in October ( they gutted SFO and shifted a lot of people & equipment to Texas & Florida) and have been riding my bikes and doing grandparent stuff for the past few months. I may start looking for a part time / retirement job once the COVID situation is less of a concern.

    Thanks again!

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