TREK Domane- New Bike, Unparalleled Comfort

This just in- Now through April 15th, huge savings on TREK Domane road bikes during Chain Reaction’s Spring Sale!

When the company with the best engineering, access to technology and resources, and a history of cost-effective performance goes into warp drive, the results will blow the competition away. The 2013 TREK Domane does exactly that.

Those roads that have beaten you into the ground, that looked good on the map but turned into goat paths… you’ll look forward to them on your Domane!

The Specialized Roubaix has had its run in this category, the same way they used to lead in mountain bikes (until TREK introduced Active Brake Pivot, Full Floater suspension and DRCV shocks that put TREK out front). Not anymore! Bye-bye, Specialized. Hello Domane. Lighter. Twice the vertical compliance. Laterally stronger for greater responsiveness. All the right buzz words, but buzz is what you don’t get on this bike.

New Domanes are arriving weekly! Your local dealer might not get them for some time; we ordered early & heavy. Introductory pricing will be $4399.99 for an Ultegra-equipped bike, with Project One options available featuring DuraAce Di2, SRAM and Campagnolo at various price points. You can also design a bike with a custom paint job and components to match your needs & dreams with Project One.

Chain Reaction Bicycles will have a great price (always below what TREK shows on their website), extraordinary service and Project One customization expertise that comes from helping so many people with their custom road bikes since this program first started. Come in and see what your new bike is going to ride and look like!

Check out these reviews, and our close-up photos below!

All 2012 TREK Madone 5 & 6 Road Bikes On Sale!

Fantastic deals to be had on all 5 & 6-series 2012 & older Madone road bikes at Chain Reaction! Limited to stock-on-hand. Deals like Trek’s Madone 5.2 just $2999.99, $300 less than our previously-discounted price. Madone 6.2s for $3799.99 (were $4099.99). Madone SSLs $1000 off at $4999.99 (were $5999.99). No lawaways or mail orders. All sales final.


It’s June, and Chain Reaction Bicycles is selling current-year Trek Madone 5 & 6 road bikes at unbelievable prices.

  • 2012 Trek Madone 6-Series SSLs not $6321 (list price), not $5999 (our discounted price); on sale for $4999.99!
  • 2012 Trek Madone 5.2s not $3569 or $3299; on sale for $2999.99!
  • 2012 Trek Madone 6.2 Di2 Ultegra Electronic shifting bikes not $5849 or $5399, on sale for $4499.99!

Real savings on great bikes! Over 70 available; this isn’t a “one only at this price, serial# XXXXX” offer. OK, one car commercial type deal. A 2010 Trek Madone 6.9 Di2 DuraAce Electronic-Shifting carbon-wheel road bike, 56cm H2, was $10209, just $6999.99!  One only at this price (as they say in the car ads). Full list of sale bikes here (as of 08/10/12).

Come in soon for the best deals! Click here for a map and the hours we’re open.

Quantities are limited to stock on-hand; special orders would be at regular prices. No mail-order sales; these bikes have to be paid for and picked up in the store, as per Trek’s dealer agreement. No layaways, dealer sales or component swaps; all sales final.

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Confused about Madone 6-series models?

One of the most-common questions we get concerns figuring out the naming conventions to the Madone 6-series bikes, Trek’s top-of-the-line carbon fiber road bikes. We’ll try to explain things for you now.

Madone 6.0, 6.2, 6.5, 6.7, 6.9. What do the numbers mean??? And where does the Domane fit in?

There are now three versions of 6-series bike frames, the standard, SSL and Domane. The Domane is quite different from the other two, having a unique design that allows for dramatically-greater compliance (comfort over bumps) than the previously-industry-leading Specialized Roubaix. It accomplishes this through a seat tube that’s not directly attached to the top tube, using a pivot & bearings instead. This unique design allows for substantially-greater flex in the seat tube than any other bike on the market. For this added comfort you add a small amount of weight, but power transfer is comparable to the “standard” Madone. Presently the Damone is available in an H2-style fit only (read more about that below).

The standard 6-series frame is available in 3 different handlebar heights, H1, H2 & H3. H1 is the standard race position, which used to be the only way you could buy a high-end bike, until manufacturers got smart and realized not everybody wants that “nose in the gravel” feel. H2 is about 3cm higher at the front, and by far the most-popular version. H3 is higher yet, and takes the place of the “WSD” (women’s specific design) geometry. Please note that all versions have nearly-identical angles & wheelbases, so handling characteristics don’t change… in other words, just because you want the bars a bit higher doesn’t mean you have to settle for a bike that doesn’t rocket up hills!

The difference is that the SSL weighs about 2 ounces less than the standard frame, with the slight loss in weight accomplished through lighter paint (yes, paint does weigh something!) and slightly-thinner carbon in a few places. I own the “standard” frame myself, and have no reason to consider the SSL. The weight difference is nearly insignificant, and both versions ride the same. Cost for the SSL is about $300 more.

The SSL 6-series frame is available in the same H1 & H2 styles, but not H3.

Now, what does that digit after the 6. mean? Basically, it just tells you what approximate component level the bike comes with. A 6.0 typically is spec’d with SRAM Rival, a 6.2 with Shimano Ultegra, a 6.5 with… who knows what, that’s where everything kind of falls apart. And it really doesn’t matter, because nearly all 6-series Madones are designed from the ground-up using the Project One program, where we can design the bike you want & need, with the perfect fit (remember all those options!), for no more $$$ than a “stock” bike out of the catalog would cost.

If it’s a full-on high-end Dura Ace or SRAM Red or Campagnolo Record bike with ultra-light wheels you want, it’s going to be called a 6.9. And it could have either the standard or the SSL frame. On Trek’s website though, they’ll call any stock bike with an SSL frame a 6.7 or 6.9, and not even offer the standard frame at the high end. We think that’s short-sighted, because many will find more value in choosing nicer parts for than the SSL frame for the added $300. Truthfully, most-often the choice of standard or SSL frame for many customers had been determined by the different colors available for each in Trek’s “quick turn” program, where we can spec a bike in one of four colors and have it built & delivered in less than three weeks time (ok, sometimes a bit more, but a surprising number do come within three weeks).

What’s the take-away from this? Don’t get hung up on the number. Decide which frame you wish, and build a bike around it. We’ll help with the details, show you the available colors, and get it ordered. Consider the examples shown on Trek’s website (for the Madone 6.2, 6.5, 6.7 and 6.9) just that… examples of what can be done. Working with Chain Reaction, you can do a whole lot better!

TREK Women’s Carbon Road Bike Sale!

2011 TREK 3.1 WSD ON SALE FOR $1499.99!

For women only, the benefits of a carbon fiber TREK frameset (light weight, smoother ride, better climbing & descending) at a great price. 47, 50, 52, 54 & 56cm to fit nearly all women. Wide-range compact crankset, ’105 shifters, 50-34 up front with an 11-28 in the back. This is the least-expensive full-carbon bike Chain Reaction has ever offered.

Even at this low price the bike is fully assembled, expertly fit to you (through a combination of measurements & observation) and includes free brake, gear & wheel tune-ups for life… done while you wait!

This bike is advertised on Trek’s website for $2089.99, and was previously sold by Chain Reaction for $1899.99. At $1499.99 it’s an incredible value. Get yours today!

We have it first! Women’s Ultegra Di2 Madone. Affordable Electronic Shifting!

Just arrived at Chain Reaction, the latest Trek Madone road bikes with Ultegra Di2 shifting. Women’s only in the first batch. Why? Because women have had more issues with shifting, particularly front derailleur shifting, than men (smaller hands, shorter fingers make it difficult to push the shift lever far enough to easily engage the larger chainring).

Electronic Ultegra Di2 Shifting comes to a specially-priced Trek Women’s Madone bike at Chain Reaction

These bikes are available for test rides today! They feature the Trek’s top-of-the-line Madone women’s frame (6-series H3), Ultegra components and Bontrager Race wheels. A 16.5-pound package for $5189.99, $435 off Trek’s website price. Customization is encouraged! Choose from a huge array of color and component options (cost varies with options chosen) with delivery of your built-to-order bike in as little as 3 weeks.